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Karen Kappell
Karen Kappell FSPA

Background of Artist
Karen has taught art from pre-school to college and holds a Masters of
Art from the University of Wisconsin, Superior. Her main field of study was in ceramic sculpture.
Her use of a variety of media is a result of learning how to handle a wide variety of
materials, a necessity for teaching art in small private schools.

In addition to producing art, Karen is a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual
Adoration. Her special interest is in presenting programs that promote
integration of Art and Spirituality.

Solo Exhibits

The clay/fibers reflect observations of patterns and subtle changes in
forms of earth, water, air and fire. Red and white clay slabs are
constructed with hollows which allow for the addition of fibers after
the firings. The clay itself is fired four times: bisque, underglaze and
clear glaze luster. The final firing uses techniques similar to Raku/
Pit Firing and introduces the blackened and smoked effect.
Natural materials that are found in my area (grasses and cattail reeds) are
then incorporated into the pieces.
At times the clay fiber are used horizontally as a holder for hand-woven
wall hangings.

The subject of the watercolors are mostly flowers and plants placed on
complicated backgrounds of patterned cloth. The many changes in line
textures and color move across the surface in highly active patterns.

A versatile medium that is built up with many layers of pure Eround
pigment. It has many of the qualities of an oil and was a favorite
medium of the impressionistic artists.

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