Karin Savage

I started coming to the North Woods as a child on Green Bass Lake in Rhinlander and later with my husband’s family on Fence Lake in Minocqua. I’m inspired by the beauty of the North Woods and love finding inspiration from the trees and plants of Northern Wisconsin.

I began sketching plants while studying horticulture at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Detailing the color, form and characteristics of each plant helped me identify them in the field. As a result, I became interested in the art of botanical illustration. This traditional art form, first used for scientific classification, has remained timeless for centuries.

My style of painting is a modern take on botanical illustration. I use acrylic paints because they are the perfect combination of watercolors and oils. Working from life in my studio, The Arts Mill Studio and Boutique in Grafton, I enjoy the process of getting to know an individual plant.

Website: Karinsavageart.com 

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