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Vlasta Polacek
Vlasta Polacek

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     My  art education started in Europe and continued in the United States. At a very young age I started drawing and painting whenever I could, although that wasn't always possible in the war and then during the Communist regime. Fortunately my artistic ability opened doors to employment  for me once in the United States, where I was free to paint again and pursue more education. While attending Fine Art at Triton College in Illinois, I found a new passion in printmaking. This led to a number of awards.


        In 1989 when I moved to the Beautiful Northwoods I again felt inspired to paint. Instead of portraits and still lifes, I started painting wildlife for the first time in my life, mostly from photographs that I took myself. But I still love to do etchings. Since I've been living in the Northwoods I have received more awards for my etchings.
Wisconsin Awards

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