Polly Sievert

™ is an accomplished mixed media artist offering and displaying her artistic creations in shows and galleries around the Midwest.

Polly works with a variety of media including fabric, acrylics, batiks, buttons, beads, and upcycled articles, like clothing, drapery and upholstery. She also uses natural elements, like driftwood, birch bark and stones, and all types of fibrous materials.

Polly loves to periodically escape into the uncontrolled world of fabric dying and alcohol inks. She finds that the serenity of water – both liquid & frozen, the embrace of nature, and the deep resonating love of her family & friends are her inspirations.

Polly was introduced to creating and enjoying art at a very young age. At age 4, she saw within a scattering of fabric scraps the makings of a funky fish. That fish ornament still graces her Christmas tree as a reminder of what can be created out of upcycled odds & ends.

Polly desires for everyone to connect with their Gentle Spirit, thus the name of her business, Gentle Spirit Studio. She has developed a flight plan to finding your Gentle Spirit with the use of a dragonfly. Ask her about it! Creating art feeds Polly’s soul, clears her mind and connects her to her Gentle Spirit.

Polly lives in 3 states, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin with her wonderful supportive husband, Bob. She is blessed to be the mother of 2 grown sons, who keep her laughing and have stretched her imagination beyond belief. Learn more about Polly at www.GentleSpiritStudio.com or at www.Facebook.com/GentleSpiritStudio .

Polly Sievert

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