Rose King

My interest in pyrography started with a simple burning tool from a craft store. The texture and smell of the burning wood was addictive, campfires anytime I wanted ! Now I use the Razor tip temperature controlled woodburning unit. A good tool makes better art by allowing more creativity.

My favorite woods to burn on are recycled objects found at garage sales and flea markets. Taking old wood sleds, ironing boards, rolling pins, cabbage slicers, cheese boxes, water skis and anything wood that I find and recreating them into pieces of art is a great source of satisfaction to me.

I’ve burned on three generations of rolling pins handed down from Grandmas to Moms to daughters so that each generation can hold a piece of the past.

The rolling pins still smell like pie crust, the ironing boards still smell like damp clothes, the old wooden sleds still smell like wet snowsuits, and the cabbage slicers smell like, of course, cabbage! Everything is washed but the history remains.

I am a self taught artist. I consider myself more of a folk artist. Unusual wood with lots of character can be the most challenging and the most gratifying pieces I work on. Working around cracks and knots and incorporating them into the scene are part of my process.

I started this journey about 18 years ago with my husband Ron. Without his help and support I could not have done what truly makes me happy. Ron takes each piece of wood we find and washes, sands and prepares it for my ideas. He is my Rock!

Sharing my ideas with others is fun to do. I’ve learned most of what I know through trial and error. If I can help anyone else further their art or just satisfy someones curiosity, I’m happy to do that!

Rose King Gallery