Tamara Lauder

I am fortunate enough to both live and work in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin as a full-time professional artist. I spend the majority of my time working in pottery and printmaking, but also create artforms using other mediums. My prints and pottery complement one another, as I use similar colors, shapes, and decorative carvings as a vehicle of expression in both mediums.

In pottery, most of my work is food-safe, high-fired functional stoneware, hand-built and thrown on the wheel. My decorative, non-functional pottery pieces are low-fired ware. I create these pieces by using primitive preparation and firing methods where sawdust, smoke, and organic materials create the surface look. I also make a variety of handmade tiles using both firing methods.

Printmaking is another love of mine and I focus my work in two areas—relief printmaking (primarily woodcut) and monotypes. For my relief prints, the image is first drawn and carved on wood before it is inked and transferred to paper. Each woodcut image is an original numbered limited edition print which is individually printed from the block by hand.  My colored reduction woodcuts are made by a detailed process using only one wood block, printing one color at a time, and carving away part of the block after each color is printed. No mistakes can be made and little of the block remains after the limited series of prints are made.

I love the outdoors, and my outdoor activities are the creative catalyst for my work. I enjoy connecting the outdoors within my work, either by integrating actual pieces of nature as part of my work, or creating an image representing nature and the outdoors.

My work changes every year as I am always creating new work and giving old work a new look. Each year my customers can count on seeing new items, new colors and glazes, and new shapes.

Throughout the year, I sell my work in area galleries, local art shows, and at my own rustic studio and showroom T.Lauder Pottery & Printmaking. My studio is located at 7556 County Rd. J in St. Germain, WI. You can visit my studio by making an appointment. I can be reached at 715-358-5687 (landline only).

My art is a reflection of my life experiences and creating is my passion. My hope is that my art brings others as much joy as it gives me to create it.

Tamara Lauder
T.Lauder Pottery & Printmaking Showroom

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